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How often should I steam clean my rugs

As a professional carpet cleaning tech a question clients often ask after a cleaning service is how often is best to steam clean their rugs or carpets. The answer will depend on but limited to the following factors:

How many people live in the house

Clearly a household of 2 or 3 will likely require less often cleaning than that of 6 or more.

How many pets if any live in the house

Pets are great and loved in the home but having them necessitate more frequent cleaning of rugs and carpeting.

Quality of the rug or carpet

As professional cleaning techs it is no surprise that lower quality carpeting more quickly resoil than higher end quality. This is largely because lower end carpets have little to no stain resistance as well as minimal pile count which means more frequent call to cleaning professionals.

How well the cleaning service was performed

Sometimes clients may be unfortunate enough to get serviced by ill equipped or simply incompetent cleaning companies, and this will cause the carpeting to need another cleaning sooner.

Whether parties or gatherings are held often

Parties and gatherings attract lots of traffic in the home and carpeting should be steam cleaned more often.

Whether shoes are worn in the house or not

Lastly wearing shoes on carpeted floors causes greater wear and tear as well as soiling and staining of carpeting. Homes where shoes are removed before entering tend to have cleaner carpets and therefore less frequent cleaning.

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