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How to do a better job with rug doctor and Bissell carpet steamers

Millions of households have carpeting or throw rugs that need the occasional maintenance and while some of us go with professional service some attempt the job on their own with store rentals or steam cleaners. For those going the do it yourself route a few professional tips can ensure a better result.

A good carpet cleaning begins with a good vacuuming to capture any large debris.

The next step is good pretreating of the carpeting with provided solution or solution of 80% warm water and 20% borax mixed with 1tbsp dawn detergent per gallon of solution. Using a pump sprayer lightly pretreat the cleaner areas and more thoroughly on the traffic areas.

The next step is to sprinkle some crystal defoamer on the carpeting to prevent much suds from clogging the cleaning equipment and reducing cleaning performance.

Next we fill the rug doctor or other similar equipment with clean warm water to begin the extraction process. Avoid spraying down much water in any one spot to prevent excess dampness and browning.

Once everything is extracted it is recommended to go over the entire carpeting again but only with suction to extract any excess liquid. An air mover or fan can be used to expedite the drying.

Clean Carpet Techs Philadelphia is a Professional Carpet and Furniture steam cleaning service serving the Philadelphia and South New Jersey areas.

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